Ecumenical Dialogue

Grounded in the authority of Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions, the International Lutheran Council participates in responsible ecumenical dialogue. At its 2018 World Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, the ILC adopted a statement on “Confessional Identity and Ecumenical Responsibility.

The International Lutheran Council’s primary partner in ecumenical conversation is the Roman Catholic Church. The ILC entered into discussions with Catholics in 2015 and the first round of conversations came to a conclusion in 2019. A “Final Report” highlighting the content of the discussions was published in 2021.

During the 2022 World Conference in Kisumu, Kenya, the ILC received the Final Report and expressed gratitude for those who represented the ILC and the Vatican during the talks. The conference also adopted a resolution which mandated the ILC to “continue this theological engagement between confessional Lutherans and the Catholic Church.”

Ecumenical Documents and Statements from the ILC

Reports on dialogue between the ILC and the Catholic Church:

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