Russia (SELC)

Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church

Сибирская Евангелическо-Лютеранская Церковь (SELC)

SELC-webWhile Russia at one time counted more than a million Lutherans as citizens, the 1917 revolution led to the exile or execution of most Lutheran pastors and the closure of Lutheran churches by 1939. SELC grew out of evangelistic efforts by their first bishop, who began preaching Christianity in Novosibirsk, Siberia in the early 1990s. The mission became associated with the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1993, and eventually became an autonomous church body in 2003.

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Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church
Lutheran Center
Ulitsa Lykova, 3.
Novosibirsk, 620058
Phone: 011-7-383-336-4219
Email: (copy:
Congregations: 25
Baptized Members: 2,100
Active Pastors:19 (1 bishop, 14 pastors, 4 deacons)
Bishop: Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin

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