Lutheran leaders from around the world discuss the mission of the International Lutheran Council.

ONLINE – In October 2023, Lutheran leaders from across the globe gathered in Wittenberg, Germany to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the International Lutheran Council (ILC). Now the ILC is releasing a video from that event, in which a number of church leaders from around the world reflect on the value of the ILC and its service to Christ and His Church.

In their remarks, these church leaders highlight the importance of the ILC to faithful Christians across the world—especially in places where biblically-grounded Christianity is waning. They further discuss how the ILC is positioned to continue its faithful witness to the Gospel into the future. The video ends with a message from the ILC’s new general secretary, Rev. Dr. Klaus Detlev Schulz.

While 2023 marked the 30th anniversary of the ILC’s reconstitution as a “council,” the full history of the organization goes back more than seventy years to 1952.

Additional information on the ILC’s anniversary celebrations can be found here.