ILC committed to financial stewardship

by | Jun 24, 2019

USA – The International Lutheran Council (ILC) is a global association of confessional Lutheran church bodies dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. As it goes about that work, the ILC is committed to faithful stewardship of the resources entrusted to it.

To that end, the ILC recently invited UHY LLP Certified Public Accounts to conduct an external audit of ILC financial statements, going back to mid-2017. UHY LLP has now issued its report, confirming that the ILC’s financial statements are all free from misstatement or error.

“The International Lutheran Council supports confessional Lutheran projects around the world—through initiatives like the Lutheran Leadership Development program, seminary education, missionary support, and more,” noted Darin Storkson, Interim General Secretary of the ILC. “Our members can be confident that every dollar is carefully accounted for and used for its intended purpose.”

You can support the work of the International Lutheran Council through online giving. You can also make donations by mail to the following address:

International Lutheran Council
PO Box 18775
St. Louis, MO 63118


By Mathew Block

Mathew Block is Communications Manager for the International Lutheran Council. He is also editor of The Canadian Lutheran magazine, and formerly served as Communications Manager for Lutheran Church–Canada.

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