Lutheran Church in Norway and Iceland doubles number of serving pastors

by | Aug 29, 2023

The ordination of pastoral candidates in the Lutheran Church in Norway and Iceland. Photo: BoJo Hermansen

NORWAY – On August 13, the Lutheran Church in Norway and Iceland (LKNI) celebrated the ordination of four new pastors during a service at the Church of the Messiah in Oslo, with LKNI Bishop Torkild Masvie officiating.

The LKNI’s newly ordained pastors (the four on the left) pose with Bishop Torkild Masvie and other pastors. Photo: BoJo Hermansen.

These ordinations bring the total complement of active clergy in the LKNI to eight, including the church’s bishop. (The LKNI also has three retired pastors). The addition of the new pastors will allow several start-up congregations in the LKNI to have a dedicated pastor, allowing them to go from monthly to weekly services. The LKNI currently serves nine established and start-up congregations.

The ordinations come as the culmination of five to six years of education for each ordinand through the LKNI’s AdFontes pastoral training program. As part of that program, students also pursued a B.A. through Fjellhaug International College in Oslo and a M.A. through Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Lutheran Church in Norway and Iceland is a member church of the International Lutheran Council, a global association of confessional Lutheran churches.


By Mathew Block

Mathew Block is Communications Manager for the International Lutheran Council. He is also editor of The Canadian Lutheran magazine, and formerly served as Communications Manager for Lutheran Church–Canada.

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